Residential Contracts

As a business we want nothing but the best for our customers, that is why we offer three and five year service contracts. When signing up for a service contract you are guaranteed the price agreed upon for the life of the contract and guaranteed great service every year.

  • Service Agreement

    1. Defined Terms
    (a) Routine Service (1) Heat Pump Cleaning- Once a year, an extensive cleaning will be performed on all indoor and outdoor units on the mentioned property.

    2. Compensation to Contractor
    (a) Management Agent shall pay Contractor annually for labor services provided under this Agreement (Pricing is at the base of this agreement). Compensation shall be in the form of one annual payment made to Contractor by check from Management Agent covering the work that was just performed. Such check shall be delivered to Contractor immediately finishing the work performed.

    (b) In the instance that the required service takes longer than two weeks, the Management Agent shall issue a check following an invoice every week to cover the labor done within that week until the job has been completed.

    (c) If the indicated company/residence increases the number of units or frequency of cleanings to be serviced, the contracted amount shall be increased appropriately to the agents knowledge

    3. Period of Agreement
    (a) Time Period
    (1) The period of this agreement will begin on 07/14/2024 and extend for ( 3 or 5 year(s)) from that date. Either party may terminate the Agreement by giving 60 days written notice to the other by certified mail. If such notice is not given, the Agreement will automatically extend for another year.

    4. This agreement is performable in (the town(s) of ____, Maine) and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine.

    5. This agreement supersedes any prior agreements of the parties, written or oral. No amendment to the terms hereof shall be binding unless such amendment is in writing and signed by the parties. There are no oral agreements between the parties.

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  • Current Residential Pricing Without Contract at a Singular Residence:

    • 1 Indoor Unit: $150
    • 2 Indoor Units: $250
    • 3 Indoor Units: $350
    • 4 Indoor Units: $450
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  • Connor Winchenbach of Wink’s Heat Pump Cleanings agrees to the contract as stated above.
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