Frequent Questions

Why is your pricing so much cheaper?

Our Pricing is cheaper for two reasons, the first is that we are a smaller business so we have less overhead, the second and largest reason is that, the affordability of getting your heat pump cleaned should not be expensive. By having lower prices, we hope that we can bring down the price of the service in the HVAC industry.

How often does my heat pump have to be cleaned?

Typically, a heat pump should be cleaned every year. Now there are exceptions. Sometimes units are extremely clean or extremely dirty and these will be case by case situations determined by your cleaning technician. If the unit is very clean it may be eligible for a cleaning on a every two year schedule. If the unit is very dirty it may be highly recommended that it gets cleaned twice a year (This is rare, but does happen).

How far do you travel?

We operate out of the greater Bangor area currently. If you call and want your heat pump cleaned and you’re out of our radius, you will be put on a list in your area and we will schedule your cleaning once there are five total cleanings near where you are from.

How long does a cleaning take?

Just like how often your heat pump should be cleaned its all case by case. The dirtier the unit the longer it will take. Normally a full heat pump cleaning will take about an hour.

How often should I clean my filters?

We recommend that you clean your filters once a month.